In an era where regulatory compliance is paramount for organizations governed by stringent frameworks such as MiFID, PCI DSS and SOX, effective voice data management has become a critical factor in achieving organisational success. We are delighted to unveil CyberCloud CallController, an Open Source Software as a Service (SaaS) solution meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of regulated entities. By seamlessly integrating Big Data analytics, AI processing, and Cloud Technology, CyberCloud CallController sets a new standard for regulatory-compliant voice data management using a straightforward Open Source implementation.

Open Source Excellence

At the heart of CyberCloud CallController lies a commitment to openness and collaboration. Built on an open-source foundation, organisations now have the freedom to customize and optimize the solution to suit their unique needs. This transparency fosters a community-driven approach, encouraging innovation and continuous improvement.

Big Data and AI Processing

CyberCloud CallController stands out with its robust Big Data analytics and AI processing capabilities. This ensures that organisations can derive meaningful insights from their voice data, leading to more informed decision-making processes. The solution's ability to process vast datasets with accuracy and efficiency sets it apart in the realm of voice data management.

Voice Transcript and Search

Navigating through extensive voice data archives is made effortless with CyberCloud CallController's advanced voice transcript and search functionalities. Users can access comprehensive voice transcripts and employ a powerful search engine to quickly locate specific information within their communication archives.

SOX, PCI, and MiFID Compliancy Solution

In an era of ever-evolving regulations and standards, CyberCloud CallController takes compliancy seriously. The solution provides a sophisticated Rules Engine for archiving and long-term storage, ensuring organisations seamlessly adhere to data retention policies. This feature is designed to simplify the compliance journey, giving organisations peace of mind in managing their voice data responsibly.

Cloud Technology Integration

Leveraging state-of-the-art Cloud Technology, CyberCloud CallController guarantees scalability, flexibility, and reliability. This makes it an ideal solution for organisations of all sizes, allowing them to scale their voice data management infrastructure seamlessly as their needs evolve.

User-Friendly Interface

A key highlight of CyberCloud CallController is its user-friendly interface. The solution boasts a fast and intuitive front end, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for users. Setting up the solution is a breeze, making it accessible to organisations without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Screenshots Showcase:


The upload page allows users to submit new audio files along with a corresponding CSV file containing the file names. Upon uploading, the system verifies the presence of listed audio files in the CSV, marking them with a checkmark, while any audio files not named in the CSV remain unchecked, indicating their absence from the list.


Upon pressing the Upload button, a pop-up appears, allowing users to map CSV headers to corresponding questions, determining which fields will be displayed in the tables. All data in the CSV rows, including unmapped fields, will be saved in the database.


Once all files are uploaded, the system automatically removes the uploaded audio files from the list, providing users with a clear indication that the process is complete, and enabling them to proceed with uploading additional files.


The upload screen displays a comprehensive list of audio recordings stored in the database, allowing users to search, listen, and download. The table presents various statuses, call durations, start times, and caller information, providing a detailed overview of the stored audio data.


The search function on the upload screen queries three criteria: the caller, the person who answered, and the transcript content, which consists of a record of all spoken words within the audio file. This enhances user accessibility and retrieval of specific information within the audio recordings.


The calls page mirrors the default functionalities of the search table, but exclusively displays calls associated with the user. It provides a personalized view, allowing users to access and manage their specific calls using the same features available in the broader search functionality.

As we introduce CyberCloud CallController, we welcome you to explore a new era of voice data management. Should you face any challenges during project setup, don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance and support.

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